TCG Pathways

Toward Common Ground has five pathways. Pathways are the mechanisms that we use to affect change.

1. Create a Bird’s Eye View

Through common language, centralize information and data about collective social and health needs, gaps, strengths and responses in Guelph & Wellington.

2. Connect the Dots and Contextualize

Provide current information on how social and health issues and interventions are connected. Contextualize those issues and interventions by situating them within local, provincial or national contexts.

3. Transfer and Mobilize Knowledge

Information and data about social and health needs, gaps, strengths and responses is shared in an ongoing and accessible as a resource for human service stakeholders to make informed and strategic decisions about how best to support and meet the needs of people who live in our community.

4. Build Collective Capacity

Build organizational and collective capacity as needed in, or requested by, the local human services sector.

5. Champion or support strategic action

Champion or support new and existing change efforts to take strategic action in response to social and health needs in our community to maximize collective impact.